Manitoba Psychiatric Association


MPA Manitoba Psychiatrist of the Year Award

The Manitoba Psychiatrist of the Year Award will honour a Manitoba-based psychiatrist who best exemplifies the attributes most valued by the psychiatric profession.

Potential recipients will have shown ongoing, consistent professional competencies (for over 10 years of practice) as a psychiatrist in a variety of professional activities, which will have exemplified the higher attributes and aspirations of our profession. Some of these activities might include:

  • Compassionate psychiatric care to patients, their families and the community;
  • Professional representation to other organizations and groups, including Doctors Manitoba, the Canadian Psychiatric Association (and its national components), and other similar groups;
  • Advocating (along with other groups and colleagues) for the mental health and psychiatric care of Manitobans;
  • The promotion of the psychiatric profession;
  • Addressing the wellbeing of the profession’s practitioners and learners;
  • Actively supporting and participating in the ongoing educational needs of its members.

    Award Recipients


    2019 - Dr. Kurt Skakum

    MPA Honorary Lifetime Membership

    The MPA Honorary Lifetime Membership is awarded in recognition of exemplary service to the people of Manitoba, and the community of psychiatrists in Manitoba. Honourary members are appointed by the MPA executive commitee, and the membership is presented at the Annual General Meeting

    Award Recipients


    2019 - Samia Barakat

    MPA Award for Best Resident Paper

    The MPA sponsors a yearly award conferred to the resident enrolled in the Department of Psychiatry, Max Rady College of Medicine Postgraduate Education Program who submits the best paper to the Department of Psychiatry Research Forum

    Award Recipients

    2019 - Dr. Joel Braun