Dr. Manuel Matas 1945-2022

The MPA is saddened to announce the passing of Dr. Manuel (Manny) Matas. Dr. Matas practiced psychiatry for over 4 decades, primarily in Winnipeg and will be deeply missed by all who knew him. On a personal note, he was my first psychiatric supervisor and had a lasting effect on my knowledge and practice of psychiatry. He was far ahead of the curve in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD, and had a never ending curiosity about all aspects of psychiatry. He was able to pass on to me the rich (and admittedly imperfect) history of psychiatry in Manitoba, Canada and world wide. Under his supervision I was one of the last residents to do a sodium amytal interview for a patient with a conversion disorder, which resulted in a successful resolution for the patient after years of suffering. Our condolences to his beloved family,

Attached is an article from the Winnipeg Free Press Passages

Dr. Jim Simm President MPA